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My name is Lieyijia. Du, but you can call me Gabby. I am a UX/UI designer with a professional background in communication design from Berlin, as well as UX design from Vancouver. In my spare time, I'm also learning more about HTML and CSS in order to push my boundaries further.

I believe that designs should communicate well with users by understanding the user’s feelings and experiences. I believe that design is not limited to appealing visuals, but also assists users to create and enjoy their lives in an elevated and effortless way. By providing superior experiences to all users, it encourages and inspires me to create more inclusive and user-friendly designs.

I enjoy designing and thinking. I'm ready to solve more problems and help more people with creative design solutions.


What I like? I love all animals and I have two cats (They are incredibly adorable and I love them so much.) I enjoy riding motorcycles. I like sunshine and nature soooo much. I’m interested in travelling and adventures. Also, I like to record every beautiful and interesting moments in life and nature, and I'm always excited to try and explore new things.





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