Eco Track

It is a platform-agnostic digital app to gamify the driver experience, and is powered by GM Ultifi. The interfaces help drivers track the eco-related information about their cars to help preserve our planet. It was a 24-hour hackathon project assisting with General Motors and working with a collaborative team of  2 data analysts, 2 UX designers, and 4 web developers.

* Project Type 24-hours Hackathon

* Duration Nov.18th-19th,  2021

* My Role UI Designer

* Platform IOS

* Tools Figma

Vision and 


Before starting this Hackathon, General Motors gave us a brief introduction to the project. As a team, we assisted them in coming up with solutions that will help them achieve their goal zero vision. We chose to focus on zero emissions.



So...here comes a question...

How might we help GM differentiate themselves from competitors in order to acquire new customers?





Design Decision

Our team decided that the best solution for companies to track and support their Goal Zero vision was to target their customers directly. In a world of instant gratification, we believe that meaningful interactions are the key to retaining customers. What's more rewarding than an app that lets you track the CO2 savings you're saving by driving GM's EVs? But why stop there? We also believe that clients want to know where the companies they support are standing to achieve their goals. That's why we've added a feature that lets you see how GM is doing in achieving its Goal Zero vision. A win-win for customers and the company.

We chose Cadillac, one of GM's clients, as our target brand to design interfaces for. We browsed through Cadillac's website and decided to keep the interfaces consistent with their branding. We used their branding colors and sharp shapes as they used a lot on their website.



Features in

The App

In less than 24 hours, Me and Jasmine created two pages for the interfaces as UI designers.


How can customers track the CO2 they are saving by driving their Cadillac's EVs? They can follow it with how much kg CO2 is saved and how much fuel is saved within one day, week or month. The graph can help them understand the data quicker as data visualization.


How can customers know where the Cadillac company is standing to achieve its Goal Zero? They can directly go to this page from the first page of tracking CO2. With different ways of data visualizations, they can understand how Cadillac is doing with their help.




Here you can find the prototype we created for the web developers to code.



Design Impact

Many a little makes a mickle. More and more customers are involved in the action of saving CO2 and feel satisfied, so there will be more and more CO2 saved to protect our mother planet in the environmental aspect. The Zero Emissions goals from GM will be achieved quicker in the meantime. The transparency of the information can give customers more control over how much they helped the environment and help them keep motivated about saving more CO2.




It was a super unique experience for me working with a collaborative team of data analysts, UX designers, and web developers. I learned a lot of new things from each other during the process. I'm really grateful for our team.




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