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* I'm Gabby Du * A UX/UI designer based in Vancouver. I'm passionate about helping people enjoy their lives in an elevated and efficient way with human-centered designs.


* Childipet *

Childipet is a mobile app to support first-time pet owners before and during their journey with their pets, to understand them better and be prepared to be a qualified parent.


* Cadillac Eco Track *

The interfaces to help customers track CO2 they are saving by driving their EVs and see how GM is doing to achieve its Goal Zero vision to help protect our planet with zero emissions.


* The Wonderdoor *

The Wonderdoor is a company that aims to use the natural and immersive experience to design and share a happy and relaxing world. “Pureness Happiness And You” is their exhibition in a desert.



Email gabbydu.design@gmail.com

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